5 Gadgets I Have Used To Annoy Upstairs Neighbors (I’ve Won)

First of all, for the sake of unnecessary trouble, let me state that there are degrees in everything, and our ultimate goal is to solve the problem and let us live in peace, not to start a war.

At the same time, I hope that you will understand the fact that without reciprocal means and status, any principle is weak and ineffective.

I would also like to thank those of you who have visited my website and provided various comments via email.

Let’s start with a little background. I live in an apartment in the center of Shenzhen, China, and was once a victim of noise from my upstairs neighbors. I had tried to use a variety of negotiation and communication to solve the problem at that time without success. 

Then, I stopped compromising and picked up devices and gadgets to annoy my upstairs neighbors and revenge them, and finally, succeeded in bringing my life back to peace.

Since I want to cut to the topic of this article —— gadgets and devices to annoy upstairs neighbors as soon as possible, I am not repeating my story here, so if you want to know more about my story, please click here.

I think I suffer from more noisy upstairs neighbors than most people: 

  • The sound of a child stomping the floor with bare feet.
  • The sound of children smashing toys wildly on the floor.
  • The sound of pushing and pulling tables and stools.
  • The sound of screws, nuts and tools falling to the floor.
  • The sound of a woman walking in high heels.
  • The sound of a man walking quickly in leather shoes.
  • Strange rubbing sounds of things I don’t know what they are.

Also, I think I have tried more than most to negotiate my way out of the problem of noisy upstairs neighbors’ noise.

  • Seek coordination with the property manager.
  • Complain to the management.
  • Take the initiative to negotiate with upstairs neighbors.

However, all of the above methods have had little effect.

Eventually, I got sick, mentally sick, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted revenge on my noisy upstairs neighbors, and I took up arms, and I wanted them to feel the same pain that I felt, NO MERCY!

Gadgets And Devices To Annoy Neighbors

These are the Gadgets to annoy neighbors that I have used and that readers of the site have used, and I have given them in order of how easy they are to obtain in everyday life. Eventually, I stopped at the Ceiling Vibrator, so if you want to check out the ultimate weapon directly, click here to jump directly to the Ceiling Vibrator section.

Okay, let’s get started.

1. Clothes Prop

I wonder if you have the habit of drying your clothes or sheets in the sun in your country or region? If the answer is yes, I am sure you are no stranger to clothes prop. 

clothes prop

You can put it inside your bedroom when you are not drying your clothes when you are not using clothes prop. When your upstairs neighbors make any noise, hit your ceiling with clothes prop strongly and quickly. I believe your upstairs neighbors can hear your protest.

If you don’t have any habits of drying outdoors in the sun, or, as far as I know, some areas make the act of drying outdoors illegal. Then, you can also find any long, sturdy stick to replace clothes prop to help you.

Please make sure you are tall enough or your clothes prop is long enough before you start banging on the ceiling. Of course, you can also stand on a stool or a table for knocking protest.

Please note that do not punch the sharp end of the clothes prop or stick to the ceiling, otherwise, the ceiling of your house will soon fall off the paint and become bruised.

This tool is easy to get and easy to use. But it is very tiring,  if you tap for a longer time, we will feel sore arms and always tilt our head back and head will feel dizzy.

So, I think that the clothes prop is only suitable to be used as a pre-gadget for a short time.

2. Rubber Hammer

rubber hammer

Originally I was unaware of this tool until one day I was on my way to the office and saw the workers repairing the roadside greenery tapping the tiles with this.

The principle of rubber hammer annoying upstairs neighbors is similar to clothes prop. You can make your upstairs neighbors hear your protest by banging on the wall or ceiling.

The rubber hammer is better than a clothes prop is that it does not hurt the wall while generating more vibration. 

You should know that the noise can be soundproof earplugs to avoid, while the vibration can not be reduced, the retaliation effect is better.

And the rubber hammer handle has been scientifically designed to effectively absorb the shock of knocking, comfortable grip, not easy to use fatigue, can maintain a longer period of knocking.

It is also not expensive, only need about $ 10 can have a professional rubber hammer.

3. Subwoofer


Another gadget that annoys your upstairs neighbors is the subwoofer. Most people have it.

To revenge your upstairs neighbors, you can hit them as loud as you can when you’re not home, or when your upstairs neighbors are on break.

To further increase the effect of revenge, you can play some dirty music or funeral music.

But using a subwoofer to revenge your upstairs neighbors doesn’t work well because the sound first needs to travel through the air, then into the ceiling, and then into the floor upstairs, a process that consumes most of the energy. 

Moreover, loud music not only annoys the upstairs neighbors but also annoys the next-door neighbors and downstairs neighbors who are quiet.

Therefore, the subwoofer is not too suitable as a gadget for revenge and annoy of upstairs neighbors.

Well, the three gadgets described above are very easy to get, but for annoying the upstairs neighbors, they all have some cons.

Here we introduce a few more gadgets that the person will not use in their daily life and may require you to buy them. They annoy the upstairs neighbors is much better.

4. Extremely Loud Alarm Timer

Extremely Loud Alarm Timer

The extremely loud alarm timer can be described as an upgraded version of a subwoofer for annoying upstairs neighbors.

Unlike a traditional alarm clock, it can make a very loud noise.

It comes in a variety of looks, the most common look is like a very small TV remote control that can make up to 120 dB of noise when you need it. It is as loud as lightning and chainsaws at close range.

It is generally used in a variety of noisy environments, such as factories, kitchens, field trips, truck drivers, or some hearing-impaired people will often use it.

If you use a subwoofer to annoy your upstairs neighbors, you will have to place the subwoofer on a table or in a closet. The extremely loud alarm timer is so small that you can wrap them with tape and stick them on your ceiling and turn on the alarm.

Imagine the upstairs neighbors being startled by the sudden alarm clock? Lol

On the other hand, the extremely loud alarm timer has cons in terms of annoying upstairs neighbors. 

It is annoying the upstairs neighbors through noise, not vibration or banging, then it leads to:

  • The effect of revenge is not very good.
  • when you turn on the alarm ringing, the neighbors next door or downstairs are also more or less annoyed by you.

However, because it can be tied to the ceiling, most of the volume is transmitted upstairs, so it is much better than the subwoofer.

I tried all four of the above gadgets for annoying my upstairs neighbors, but none of them were what I ultimately wanted.

It wasn’t until a friend heard about my ordeal and wanted to recommend the ceiling vibrator. It brought me out of my dark period.

5. Ceiling Vibrator

I am willing to call it the ultimate weapon for annoying my upstairs neighbors. A nuclear weapon that I promise never to be the first to use without unbearable annoy.

ceiling vibrator 3 in 1 already installed

Ceiling Vibrator System 2021 Version: Remote Control, Vibration Function, Knocking Function

Turn it on and you can have your upstairs neighbors reach out to you to negotiate and offer to make peace with you.

Roughly speaking, the ceiling vibrator consists of two parts, the motor and the support rod.

Its main principle is to support the motor with both tapping and vibrating functions to the ceiling tightly to ensure the maximum transmission efficiency of vibrating or tapping sound, and then you can control the motor on, off, mode, timing, and other functions by the remote control panel.

  • No manual hammering.
  • No damage to the ceiling.
  • Do not cause noticeable disturbance to next-door neighbors.
  • Can be timed on and timed off to keep revenge even you are not at home. (hopefully you will receive a white flag of surrender from your upstairs neighbors as soon as you home)

If you want to know more details about ceiling vibrators, please click here to check.

Believe that it can help you and can take you out of the dark period and save your sensitive and fragile nerves and heart.

6. Rooster

Roosters? That’s right, a rooster. 🐓

You must be confused, I was once too. Although I found it mostly funny, I decided to write this part out anyway.

I once received an email from a Vietnamese, in which he wrote that he had also faced the nuisance of noisy upstairs neighbors and that he did not choose clothes prop, subwoofer, rubber hammer, ceiling vibrator, or other gadgets or devices.

He buys a rooster and keeps it in his apartment. Every morning at 3 or 4 o’clock, he carries the rooster to the door of the apartment upstairs and turns on the hallway light. The rooster thinks it’s dawn and starts chirping…

In the end, according to him, he won.

Authenticity is not verifiable, anyway, this is not suitable for the apartment I currently live in. Just write it to make everyone in the dark period a little happier inside.


Well, these are all the gadgets and devices I’ve used to annoy my upstairs neighbors and the ceiling vibrator has successfully gotten me out of a jam. See which gadgets will work better for you? Good luck with your revenge and victory over your loud upstairs neighbors.

If you have other great gadgets not mentioned in this article, feel free to leave a comment, this will help a lot of people.

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  1. Hi ~ I like you am at “whit’s end” as I purchased a single attached home 2 years ago. At the time of purchase, the next-door neighbors had no kids. Then last year the 36-year woman decided to have 2 foster kids age 4 and 5years old. These children are in day care til 430pm. When they come home she sends them upstairs to their room where they “jump” continuously til 6-7pm. I can hear and feel the vibrations through my adjoining wall and ceiling as I try to watch TV. I have talked to her, getting no where and she is a very “obnoxious neighbor”! After i spoke with her she “encouraged the kids to do it even more and louder! Will this device work for me?

    • If you feel disturbed even if they are jumping upstairs next door to you, I think you can fight back with this device by using the knocking mode to make a sharp sound that can travel further.


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