How To Record Upstairs Neighbor Stomping?

Hey, do you have a loud noisy upstairs neighbor, the upstairs neighbor keeps stomping all day.

  • The sound of children running back and forth across the floor in their bare feet.
  • The sound of a woman walking back and forth in high heels.
  • And the sound of a man wearing leather shoes with heels striking the floor.

You may ask yourself: how to record upstairs neighbor stomping?

These sounds come and go, pulling your heart from a low-frequency beat to a high one at any time. Along with the rise in blood pressure, you can no longer get restful sleep and you start to become depressed and vulnerable.

You realize that you have to do something to stop the stomping noise of your loud noisy upstairs neighbors.

Don’t worry, I have experienced the same hard time and I believe it is worse than most people. If you’re interested, you can read my story.

If you are going to start taking action, whether you go straight upstairs to them to argue, get the property manager to help coordinate, or call the police or go to court, you will need SOLID evidence.

I have sent copies of my recordings to noisy upstairs neighbors, property managers, and police officers, and everyone approved of the recorded evidence, and the loud noisy upstairs neighbors were dumbfounded when it was played.

Now, I’ll teach you how to record the sound of your loud upstairs neighbor stomping.

Something You Need To Know Before Recording Unstair Neighbor Stomping

You don’t need any extra trendy tech devices, they just want to rob you out of your pocket. Trust me, a cell phone, yes, the one you are using, can do a great job of recording the sound of your loud upstairs neighbors stomping their feet.

However, you can’t hold the phone in your hand and record directly as you normally play TikTok, you need a little skill.

Before we do that, let’s get a little more knowledge.

The denser the object, the faster the sound propagation speed in it. The speed of sound propagation in the solid, liquid, air, three mediums, the fastest solid, the second liquid, the slowest air.

So, you hold up your phone like you normally do, which is equivalent to sound propagating from the air to your phone, there is a very big compromise, the recording is not clear, the effect is not good, and it is not ideal as evidence.

Then, we need to get the sound to travel through the solids directly to your phone.

How to do it? 

It’s simple, in one sentence: Push your phone front to the wall, or directly to your ceiling. Pushing it to the ceiling works better.

How To Record Upstairs Neighbor Stomping Step By Step

Step 1

Close all the windows and doors of your apartment, turn off the music, turn off the air conditioner, and turn off any equipment that may make noise.

Step 2

Find a chair that is stable enough to be placed in a location upstairs where stomping.

a chair that is stable for how to record upstairs neighbor stomping

Step 3

When the noisy upstairs neighbors start stomping again, take your phone, stand on the chair and turn on the recording function of your phone and set it to silent mode.

stand on the chair

Step 4

Put the front of the phone with the recording function close to the ceiling and record. Please note that using the front side, that is, the side with the screen works better. (Since I only have one phone, I used the air conditioner remote control as a demonstration here)

put the front of the phone with the recording function close to the ceiling and record

There is no specific requirement for the length of the recording, you can record the 30s or 2 minutes, both are fine. For the sake of the ultimate goal, I suggest you keep only the loudest part of the stomp.

Okay, I’m sure by this time you have several audio recordings of loud noisy upstairs neighbors stomping their feet in your phone. Does it suddenly feel less painful, see the light of dawn, and victory beckons you?

Finally, choose the recording with the loudest stomping sound and the best frequency, and send a copy of it to your loud noisy upstairs neighbors, the police, or a judge if necessary.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you can get through your dark times by submitting recorded evidence. If that still doesn’t work, check out my story, maybe you’ll need a celling vibrator.

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  1. Ok I’m Trying This I’m Having Heart Palpitations And My Migraines Has Intensified Went To The Doctor And Now I Gotta Go See My Doctor For Migraines This Month As Well

  2. My suggestion, after doing video I convert it with freeware HandBrake software adding Gain to audio, to achieve clearer heavier sounds


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