Product FAQs

Which version should I buy to deal with noisy upstairs neighbors?

The v2, v3, and v4 all kits are all suitable, so choose the right version for your needs!

Which version should I buy to deal with noisy downstairs neighbors?

Buy the v4 only and place its suction cup firmly against the floor. v2 and v3 are not suitable for dealing with noisy downstairs neighbors!

Which version should I buy to deal with my noisy neighbor share a wall with me?

v4 only is recommended. You just need to use a table, chair, sofa back, or any heavy object to brace it against the wall, ensuring it doesn’t fall during working.

Can neighbors hear sounds from ceiling vibrators?

Whether it’s v2, v3, or v4, any of them is efficient at carrying sound to the neighboring side.

Imagine being able to hear the footsteps of your noisy neighbors, the sound of objects falling, and your neighbor’s stereo, all of which are easily audible. However, the sound produced by a ceiling vibrator is considerably more powerful than any of those noises, and it originates from right against the floorboards or walls. Therefore, regardless of the materials used for the floorboards or walls, if your neighbors are causing disturbances, it can certainly transmit sound effectively.

Should I buy additional support rods?

If you intend to purchase v2 and v3: If the ceiling-to-floor distance is less than or equal to 2.7 meters, you do not need to purchase additional support rods, if it is greater than 2.7 meters, you will need to purchase additional support rods; alternatively, you may want to consider erecting the ceiling vibrator on a hardwood bench or cabinet;

If you intend to purchase a v4: you do not need to purchase additional support rods if the ceiling-to-floor distance is less than 3.7 meters, or if it is greater than 3.7 meters; or you may consider erecting the ceiling vibrator on a hardwood bench or cabinet.

Support Rod For Ceiling Vibrator

Do you provide instructions for the remote control?

We provide online instructions, please check this page. https://ceilingvibrator.com/ceiling-vibrator-detailed-instruction/

Does the ceiling vibrator v3 have Bluetooth capability?

No. The ceiling vibrator v3 does not have Bluetooth.

Is it possible to remotely control my ceiling vibrator v4?

It’s simple, you connect your home laptop or tablet to the v4 and download and install TeamViewer, a free remote control software. When you are out, directly use your cell phone to control your home laptop or tablet through TeamViewer to do everything you want.

For guidance on how to use TeamViewer, you can refer to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fu8GWoVr_w. It’s very simple and easy to understand.

Will others know what products are in the package without opening it?

Privacy is very important! Our products are packaged in padded cardboard boxes that are 100% opaque and void-free. There is no way to determine what is inside the package without opening it.

Is the remote control signal infrared or radio?


What type of battery is in the remote control?

CR2025, 3V

I have carpet on the floor of my house. Can I place the V4 on the carpet for use?

No, the V4 needs to resonate with a solid object through its suction cups on the bottom in order to transmit sound. Carpets are soft and do not provide the necessary resonance. Please ensure the suction cups are directly against the floor, wall, or ceiling.

Does the V4 come with a remote control?

No, the V4 does not include a remote control. It connects via Bluetooth and plays the audio from your device.

Shipping FAQs

Do you ship packages to our country?

We can ship packages to most countries. Please add the product to your cart and select the appropriate shipping method on the cart page.

Do you provide the tracking number?

Yes, we provide a tracking number with every order. You will receive an order completion email with the tracking number attached when we ship the order.

I live in a European country. Do I need to go through customs clearance when the package arrives?

For EU countries, we are fully operational with YanWen Express and Yun Express. You don’t need to clear customs or pay additional taxes. Simply wait for the package to arrive.

How long does it take to process my order for shipping?

Typically within 48 hours or less.

How long will it take to receive my package after placing an order?

After adding the product to the shopping cart, please check the corresponding shipping method, shipping cost, and estimated delivery time on the shopping cart page.

Why does the shipping cost show $999?

This might be due to your country’s strict customs policies, restrictions on battery shipments, expensive duties, or other factors. We can ship to these countries, but please contact us via email. We’ll provide detailed information in writing. Once you agree, we’ll proceed with fulfilling the order.

Does the customer-provided note I filled out at checkout really work?

Yes, we examine every note. If it’s a note for the delivery person, we will print out the note and affix it to the package box.

Do I have to pay for shipping to return a package?

Yes, the return package is shipped at the buyer’s expense, which can involve expensive international shipping, so please think before you buy.

Payment FAQs

I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, you can. Just click on the credit card payment button within the checkout page.

Can I pay through a bank transfer?

Currently, we do not accept bank transfers. Bank transfers cannot be timed to align with our shipping schedule, and as a result, we have removed this payment option.

I want to pay with cryptocurrency, is it safe?

Yes, it’s very safe. We’ve processed nearly 100+ orders paid with cryptocurrency. When you make a payment, we generate a unique address and QR code for each order, ensuring that each payment is securely associated with its corresponding order number.

Why does it show that I am restricted in the payment stage?

You are restricted by our risk control system. To safeguard against scammers, we regretfully cannot provide information about the specific reason for the blockage or assist you in resolving it.