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Ceiling Vibrator (Thumper): Loud Noisy Upstairs Neighbors Ultimate Solution

You know what?

When I started writing this article, I had just come through a dark time that caused me to suffer from mild depression and neurological debilitation until I got a ceiling vibrator. Also, others may call it ceiling thumper, ceiling vibration machine, or ceiling shaker.

ceiling vibrator v3

Ceiling Vibrator V2 Version: Vibration + Knocking (Thumping), Remote Control

Ceiling Vibrator V3 | Ceiling Vibrator V4

Now, I have recovered and sitting in the air conditioning apartment (condo), eating fruit, looking out at the blue sky and white clouds through the window, then writing this article slowly in my quiet & peaceful apartment.

my peaceful life

It’s so quiet that I can only hear the sound of my keyboard tapping, so quiet that I can hear the sewing needles fall to the floor.

peace and love

My Nightmare From The Loud Upstairs Neighbor

I am a legal professional. A new tenant moved into my apartment building about three months ago, living upstairs from me. There were 6 of them, two elderly, two adults, and two children.

Damn! How they managed to cram so many people in!

Since then, the nightmare began.

Working Days

Starting at 5 a.m., Grandpa is constantly fiddling with the toolbox, and I can clearly hear the sound of tools such as screwdrivers\wrenches\nuts or parts falling to the floor and bouncing back up. He would even sometimes bang on my ceiling with them.

6 a.m., mom and dad get up for work, and the ceiling is filled with the sound of high heels and leather shoes walking back and forth, occasionally accompanied by the sound of pushing and pulling tables and stools… imagine the sound of stool legs rubbing on the floor, it makes me crazy! 

7 a.m. Children are getting up, starting to run, stomping hard on the floor with their bare feet. Thump! Thump! Thump!

Want to hear some? Click it.

upstairs neighbor noise, 360k, 44s

I suffered a lot during this time, even waking up at 4 a.m. every day, waiting for the storm to start at 5 o’clock.


And the weekends will be even more horrible, with all the noises playing randomly off and on 24/7 from now on.

I can’t rest at home, and I even go to the office during the weekend to get peace.

God! They drive me crazy! 


crazy meme

You may say, hey buddy, you can’t just put up with it, why don’t you communicate and solve it?

Ways To Try Before Buying A Ceiling Vibrator (Ceiling Thumper)

In fact, I tried many methods before purchasing and using the ceiling vibrator.

Complaining To The Property

The property staff went up to negotiate to no avail, the upstairs neighbor promised to reduce the noise, but after the negotiation was completed, they did the same as before. They didn’t act unreasonably, they promised very well every time, but they wouldn’t do anything about it.


Believe me, it will only make you feel worse and will not do any good in terms of noise mitigation.


Actually, I have not tried to fight because it is not good to hurt the other person or be hurt, both physically and mentally traumatized.

Call The Police

I once went to the police station to consult the police. The response is, in this case, the police will not easily use the fine, at most give a warning to the upstairs neighbor, and also need you to have solid evidence to keep.

But what’s the point of a warning? If the police piss them off, they usually stomp on the floor a few more times and jump a few more times, and I can’t do anything about it.

To File A Lawsuit In Court

This is a neighboring rights dispute, so I have to do at least the following things: 

  1. Find the identity of the upstairs. 
  2. Find evidence to prove that the sound from upstairs affects my rest and they are responsible. 
  3. Take the time to write a lawsuit, and take the time to go to court. 

Whether I succeed is another story, my time cost is too high.

Buying A Ceiling Vibrator (Ceiling Thumper)

When I was endlessly confused, a friend gave me an excellent suggestion: why not buy some ceiling noise maker or gadgets to annoy the upstairs neighbor? Such as a ceiling vibrator.

Wow, until then, I didn’t know there was a gadget so amazing in the world. It can take revenge not only on noisy upstairs neighbors, but also on noisy downstairs neighbors.

The Law

I then thought about it and read up on the law and found that it does work.

First of all, the ceiling vibrator effect upstairs, it is true that I infringement, but at best, it is only infringement, but also the neighboring rights dispute, the police can not solve, big deal, you go to court to sue me ah!

Secondly, the impact of the ceiling vibrator to the other party and the other party to me is caused by the impact of the equivalent. Even if the other party sue me, I can also sue the other party. We are even. I would like you to sue me!

Moreover, I am not to keep the vibration on. I turn on it when upstairs neighbors disturb me.

In addition, when upstairs neighbors sleep, and I did not, then briefly turn it on. The purpose is to wake upstairs neighbors up. The feeling of constantly being woken up, so that upstairs neighbors are more empathetic.

In addition, the ceiling vibrator will not bring harm to the building, it will not demolish your ceiling. As long as I don’t say, who dares to break into my house to see if I have a ceiling vibrator? I will directly prosecute you for trespassing, believe it or not?

I’m sure there are many similar problems to mine in this big city.

If it is not really no way, who wants to add a ceiling vibrator to their homes? It is only to ask the other party not to affect us when more bargaining chips. If the upstairs can be quiet, I believe that most people will not consider this ceiling vibrator.

This also highlights the difficulty of defending rights in disputes over neighboring rights, a legal practitioner needs to buy a ceiling vibrator.


Seeing this, some may say, you are being vindictive, we shouldn’t be doing this, we should be seeking a more moderate approach like negotiating.

you shouldnt

But, I’ve tried them all and they don’t work. 

Moreover, they don’t have a noisy upstairs neighbor who cannot relate to our pain.

Now, I need revenge against noisy upstairs neighbors. JUST REVENGE!

revenge meme
  • I privately thought that buying a ceiling vibrator was much more kind and law-abiding than taking a knife to the upstairs’ door.
  • I spent every minute in the fantasy of hacking the upstairs tenants to death.
  • I even fantasized about ripping off the heads of the children upstairs.
  • Every time I calm down, I feel damn sick. I’m terrified of when the string of my sanity will fall apart.
  • I really feel inexplicable pressure rushing to the brain when the upstairs neighbor annoys me.
  • When there is no noise upstairs, I suspect they hold something terrible.

I put the ceiling vibrator in my shopping cart and use it as my safety valve. When I really lose my mind, I hope to spend some money on something that will solve or alleviate the current difficult situation, rather than taking a knife to break the law.

Why are the good people always oppressed, while the evil people can do whatever they want?

This reminds me of the competition and confrontation between countries. Don’t they also engage in an arms race, act out each other first, and then solve the problem through negotiations? If you don’t have the means to reciprocate with the other side, you are not even qualified to sit at the negotiating table.

Life Returns To Peace With The Ceiling Vibrator (Ceiling Thumper)

But the good thing is, those are gone, and things have been resolved, just on the seven days after I turned on the ceiling vibrator.

After I receive the ceiling vibrator, I turn it on two times: 

One is when there is any more noise from upstairs that upsets me.

The second is in the early morning. Since I sleep late, I will turn on the ceiling vibrator briefly at 1 am, 2 am, and 3 am, maybe for 1-2 minutes each time, to wake up my upstairs neighbors and make them experience the same pain as me.

This went on for seven days, just seven days.

On someday evening, their hostess took the initiative to knock on my door and engage in a friendly negotiation with me.

I gave him the sounds that I had recorded for a long time through recordings of stomping feet and other sounds that interfered with my normal life. 

They said they would be strict with the children in the future and informed the elderly to be careful not to drop things on the floor, and that they would like me to stop banging and shaking my ceiling in the middle of the night.

I agreed.

After another day, I saw that they bought a lot of carpets…

After that, I was no longer bothered by any sounds from the upstairs neighbor, it was as if they had moved away. Peace and quiet came back into my life.

The above is my all story.

The Start Of This Site

After I shared it with a friend of mine in the computer industry, we built this website together and got the exclusive agent of the factory that invented the ceiling vibrator in China. I hope it can help people worldwide who once had the same encounter as me to get rid of their dark time.

Please feel free to shop around if you also need a ceiling vibrator.

Whether you have already purchased it or not, or whether you are willing to buy it or not, if you are becoming depressed and worn because of upstairs noise, I am willing to answer your questions about it.

Click to email me: contact us or just leave a comment below.

I know that feel

139 thoughts on “Ceiling Vibrator (Thumper): Loud Noisy Upstairs Neighbors Ultimate Solution”

  1. Thanks for selling this ceiling vibrator.

    When I first started using it for the first two days, the upstairs was not convinced and they stomped their feet when I turned on the ceiling vibrator. But by the third day there was no more noise, and on the fourth day there was a little more noise.

    I set the vibrator directly to the ninth and kept it on until eleven o’clock at night.

    Now the upstairs has not dared to make any noise.

    In short, thank you very much merchants, good reputation, good quality products. I have found the store early and buy, will not suffer more than a year of noise. Now also, finally released the anger in the heart, very happy.

      • Hi Dave,

        I didn’t see a reply from Charles. But I like to know whether this device works on a concrete ceiling. I have such a ceiling, and the tenant upstairs often makes impact noises, including grating noise from moving furniture over his bare floor and dropping dense items. If this device could allow me to “send reverse impact noise” through concrete, then I will buy one, even two of these devices. BTW, how are you making out with your noise issues from your upstairs neighbors?

        • Hmmm. The neighbor noise you are describing sounds like common noise in a shared apartment building. Some people should not live in apartments. That would be my mother. We are human and accidents happen, I drop things all the time, my hands are clumsy. Should I be the one to find a house I cannot afford to buy? No. My mother thinks apartment living means we have to whisper, walk on tiptoes, and turn door handles very very very very slowly. Screw that. If you can’t handle someone stepping heavy sometimes or dropping something or cheering when their team is winning, you need to save up for a house and keep your complaints to yourself.

          • The important word there is “sometimes”. It is the frequency of it happening that is the issue. Nobody minds hearing noises from their upstairs neighbours sporadically, but when it is every step all the time, the frustration starts to rise off the scale. I have tried to talk to mine – asked them to put rugs down or wear soft shoes around the house. But they don’t care. Bare heels against floor boards day in day out – I can hear every step.

          • No you are wrong. When you learn to not step heavy, and is not that difficult, you will never do unless you do on purpose.
            And you don’t mention the usually worst part in all this : the children let go loose.

          • When people live in an apartment building they need to be considerate of others because they live close together, and not on a farm. It’s the ones that say, “screw that”, that need to own their own home far from others.

          • You obviously have no idea. This is exactly the response from someone who has not lived below rude, loud, obnoxious, disrespectful people with many kids. What he is talking about is not normal everyday noise that is expected. People who live in apartments know you will hear that every day noise. This is completely different. I just said to someone the other day that nobody can understand this feeling unless they have experienced it. And not just hearing it one day for an hour. It has to be constant every day, all day and night for at least a week. It has been 2 years for me. The way my experience has changed me is indescribable and that is very embarrassing to admit. It is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. And I know moving would be the best solution and I really wish I could move but I just can’t right now. But either way, you are supposed to have “quiet enjoyment” in your apartment and not having it at all is not okay. I feel for anyone going through this. The ceiling vibrator does work. But if you’re dealing with people who don’t care about others you have to be very careful because you never know what those kind of people will do nowadays.

          • Easy to say when you’re not the one suffering. It’s been THREE YEARS since my family and I have been dealing with this. Fir the first year from the day my upstairs neighbors moved in it was , rumbling, bumbling, stomping, yelling, loud music , kids riding things through the house , people dragging things through house until 3 4 in the morning and it would start again at 8 in the morning.
            Finally after a year and a half after having a ball bounced over my head from 9 am until 11 am I went up and spoke with her. She used the excuse that he’s a baby , but she will take the ball. That’s all she did was take the ball. All other excessive noises persisted every day all day.
            After another year I banged on the ceiling after being woken up out of my sleep at 2 in the morning with stomping and bumbling.

            A few months after that I knocked on the ceiling because I wasn’t feeling well. Went upstairs immediately after to ask her to keep it down and was met with “Can you please stop banging on the ceiling!” As though WE are the problem. Fast forward a few months after that and we had to bang on the ceiling again. She comes flying down the stairs yelling that me banging on the ceiling is only going to cause her to make more noise. Which means she knows she’s loud and obnoxious. Constantly blaming it on the fact the children are 2 and 3 years old. But notably it’s not JUST the kids.

            People that feel the should be able to make any noise they want at all times are the type of people who will retaliate if you continue to bring it to their attention. It’s insane that you are expected to endure such craziness because you live in a building.

            We all need to be considered of our neighbors since no one can afford to buy a house right now.

          • You’re obviously an idiot. The recordings don’t even begin to show the level of impact noise. I developed anxiety and depression which manifests in tight chest, racing heart beats when things drop or people stomp. Again Ure ignorant for your comment and I pray and hope one day you will be on the receiving end.

          • Your mother seems as if she is overly considerate, like me. She is civilized and civil. After two years of total disrespect, forty emails to the landlord, with only one reply, I’ve invested in this gadget. I’m not looking forward to using it, but a toddler running up and down for an hour after 10:00 PM, dripping liquor bottles and dragging furniture (perhaps a fold out sofa bed) after 11:00 PM is a bit much. And, let me not forget the stomping and fighting at 2:00 AM. Until I can move, I’ll make noise too.

          • You sound like one of the asshole meth head noisy ass neighbors who live upstairs. We have the right to quiet enjoyment of our apartments at all times of day and night. Scumbag

          • It’s a matter of consideration when you are in an apartment. Especially living above someone. Walking heavy and consistently dropping things. If apartment living is your only option the individual would opt for a ground floor apartment so that you are not disturbing anyone. You never know someone’s sleep pattern or working hours. Accidents happen, but there is a such thing as common courtesy.

          • I use to live in NY with 20 fl building and 8 apts. In each floor.
            Ppl say NY is bad and awful but how come me and my family was living there for 20yrs no problem everyone understands each other. Ppl entertain themselves by watching TV, putting music and enjoying life. Not once did anyone complain about the other neighbors. Also building was well built so you really don’t hear no sound I applaud them for that.

            But then I thought all the States were built like that so me and my family moved for a change of scenery to the Midwest like Ohio and Oklahoma and those states apts. Are built HORRIBLY WEAK , LIKE PAPER THIN YOU HEAR ALL TYPES OF NOISE. Which for me is fine bc I lived in a big building before. BUT I FEEL MIDWEST PPL ARE MENTALLY UNHINGED BC THEY BOTHER NEIGHBORS AND IT’S DISGUSTING. LIKE THEY NEED TO KNOW HOW TO LIVE THEIR LIFE AND MIND THERE BUSINESS.
            Here I am in a new apartment thinking maybe this would be awesome. But NO the weird neighbor above. Be listening to me walking with my flip flop and follow to where I go in my own home. And they don’t entertain themselves with listening to radio or watching TV, just to listen to what me and my family is doing even listening to our poops which really makes me want to live them a gift of Pooh to them sends they like the sound and I’m guessing the smell they like too. Bc why listen to that.
            And when I have TV off and I’m reading a book and it’s quite. They be quiet until they even hear the sound of me changing the page and when they hear the sound of page changing they get up to make noise.
            Like I don’t understand how can they hear a sound of a paper or page changing? Like WTH that’s invasion of privacy.
            So you say why ppl live in apt. If they dnt know how to live amongst others bc there will be noise. I agree there will be noise. But normal noise you can tell when ppl are living there life VS those who are doing noise purposely. And that’s when the issue becomes a problem.

          • The problem that I have is I’ve been living in my apartment for 15 years and have never had any problems until now except one neighbor’s children use to drop things on my porch as well as dog poop on it as well. Now I have neighbors that to me are worse then them I can hear children running across the floor the the Indiana Brockers all day long. I can stand noice but this is a bit much, not including their draping things on the porch and knocking on my door to go and get it. I don’t understand why I never heard other neighbors walking like I do these, and I believe all of our apartments have rugs on them . could it be that they are heavy and don’t know how to walk. On top of that I can see crakes in my walls above my head now that I’d not seen before because the children are running and jumping like off of trampolines almost all day long.

        • They do shake concrete floors above you,but some neighbours retaliate like mine did,I ended up having to report them to the landlord

    • Hi Neil, I’m sure you’ve read the NOTICE on our website that we are closed due to the Chinese Spring Festival and will restart shipping on 2022/2/8. You’ll receive it about a week after we ship it.

        • I have a neighbour who is next door to me who I think used a ceiling vibrator on my roof. The houses are next to each other, and it could sound like it was raining rocks on my roof. Would this be a ceiling vibrator?

          • Hi Merryn. Just curious, did you get a reply? I am experiencing the same noises and have issues with my next door neighbor.
            Is it possible to use a ceiling vibratory on your neighbor’s roof?

          • Kathy it was different sounds. Like it was raining rocks on my roof. I have moved from there now but I would love to know what they were using. Definitely something computerised I’d say. Oh I hope your not going through this? What sort of sounds are you getting?

  2. I’m so excited for this. It seems like the world is a thousand times more rude and inconsiderate than it was 15-20 years ago. I wish I would have had this at my last apartment, I had to fight back other ways, but I’m glad I stumbled upon this now. Seems like a good way to go about things. I just ordered this and I can’t wait for my Instant Karma Machine to arrive.

  3. I have an inconsiderate neighbor upstairs! A year ago he called my landlord and complained he could hear my music and he couldn’t sleep to get up at 5 am. My landlord called and I was embarrassed because I was working on something and didn’t know it was past 10pm My neighbor upstairs NEVER had to call again! Once in awhile they have people over with kids that are allowed to run uncontrollably from the time they arrive until they leave. I immediately call my landlord to ask them to stop the running. Several times after that the same thing! I get a call from my landlord telling me that the neighbor wants you to know their having a birthday party that night. I ask my landlord why the advanced notice they never did before so I knew something wasn’t right so I waited for the party upstairs to start. It took 30 seconds,,, kids were running around! I called my landlord and told him that the advance notice was a way of telling me even though I know it’s annoying kids are running around bringing down your ceiling with noise I just want to let you know that I know I shouldn’t let them run around I’m going to anyway! What NERVE! 5 hours non stop banging, jumping and banging! During the week one of them is constantly stomping on the back heals of their feet walking around upstairs! For months I’ve asked it to stop and my landlord says they don’t know who’s doing it! Do I look like an idiot! I told my landlord wasn’t it nice the one time upstairs called about my music and it never happened again and when I ask for the kids running around and the daily stomper upstairs to stop it continues because they don’t care! I can’t wait for this ceiling vibration machine to arrive! They have no idea what’s coming! I’m going to play dumb and keep doing what they keep doing and I know how to play payback time!!

  4. Hello,
    Are these currently in stock or out of stock? Do they ship from a different country of origin or within the United States?

    Thank you

      • What was v1. My neighbour did this to me and it had different sounds. Sometimes it was like raining rocks on my roof. Do you sell anything like that?

        • The functionality of v1 and v2 is similar. We do not sell devices that produce rain sounds. We recommend that you communicate with your upstairs neighbors and ask them what that noise is and advise them to eliminate it.

          • My neighbour is beside me, not above. I am trying to find out what he was using to thump constantly on my roof. Any ideas?

    • Good for you! Do we need to start a facebook group? Stompers anonymous?
      I have lived with a nasty old man above me for several years! I can’t wait to get this device!

      • We really should! I’m going through exactly the same thing. I have called my local council and they put a recording device in. The clerk only had to listen to 2 mins of it and served them a noise abatement warning! Not that it’s stopped them- the kids stomp and run back and forth all day. Jump off their beds and sofas and smash their toys all over the floor. Parents don’t work and spend all day in bed.

        • Hi Shabs, glad that you managed to get the council involved. Can I know if you are a council tenant or a private landlord? I tried several times to contact them but they only told me to either contact a mediation service or sue my neighbours. Bare wood floor upstairs with 3 children dropping heavy toys no stop sometimes as early as 6:20am, and running with shoes on. The mother is a proper “Karen” and when we approached them to tell them about the issue she made a scene, screaming like a crazy woman, threatening to call the police. We also got the management company involved offering to pay for whatever works was needed to cover the floor upstairs but nothing. They are just horrible people. I am waiting for my device to arrive, cannot wait to give them back all the frustration they made us feel for over a year. It is crazy though that people have to adopt these methods, someone’s everyday life cannot be someone else daily nightmare. My council did not take my complaint seriously but it did really affect my mental well-being, the daily exposure to constant banging, stomping and loud noise is detrimental.

          • It is detrimental to your overall well-being and mental health. There’s no break from it either. Constant noise – banging and crashing and to think we actually pay to live in a torture chamber.

            I am a council tenant that works full time and pays rent while the above do not. I complained to my local council who have taken zero steps to stop the issue apart from one noise abatement warning.

            The noise from upstairs is slightly better since I’ve started using my machine but has not stopped unfortunately.

        • Yes let’s go a group on Social Media about this. This is so important people need to know about this so many people are suffering a know an old lady going through the same situation right now.

  5. Neighbors consistently stomp at 6am and all eve after I have worked all day 7 days a week. Today , Sunday is my first trial running it’s on timmers 10 mins on and off. Neighbors are stomping back. I feel I’ve regained a voice to idly sitting by and enduring their ignorance. I plan to run on timmers all this week. I have tried conversations. No change. I want them to experience my daily life. Condominium association does nothing. I own my unit , they rent. I feel I’m winning for once!

    • Good for you!!! I am pretty much in the same situation!
      But, if neighbors are stomping back has it really solver the problem?
      My concern is that the evil POS about me will only get nastier if I try to ” get even.”
      Anyway, good to hear that you think you are making progress. Please keep me posted.

  6. Hi, I would like to purchase this product, but you do not have India on the list of countries to ship to, I really need this product, please help me purchase it

  7. This sounds like an amazing device!
    I live in a condo where the sound proofing between floors is almost non existent.
    I have an 87 year old upstairs neighbor who I have asked many times not to stomp when is walking. Years ago I asked him to walk on the ball of his foot rather than his heal. He then told me he broke his foot in trying to do so.
    ANYWAY, many years later he has not changed even though I told him I was a cancer patient and needed my sleep. He is quiet most of the night and then starts walking/stomping/dropping things around 11:00 PM.
    So , with that history I am curious if there are any of these devices on the “used” market? I kow it is probably what I need to do as asking him nicely has gotten me nowhere!

    • What a ass!! That man is 87yrs old! You are so disrespectful! Older people fall and drop things. That is do to age! You should be more supportive of your elders! It show that you have absolutely have no home training!!

      • No, he is. Doesn’t matter if has 87yrs old, this doesn’t give right to disturb.
        A very simple solution is buy carpets for those sensitive area, and I even think Gael would buy herself

      • She’s battling cancer, doesn’t she also deserve some compassion and support as she goes through a life threatening health journey?

      • Maybe he should go to a care home where he can be looked after properly? Unfortunately she won’t live to be 87 if she’s in constant state of shock! It’s easy for us to dish insults when we’re not on the receiving end.

  8. PLEASE HELP!! What about us upstairs condo owners who have downstair idiots playing their bass-on-testosterone ”music” and it vibrates and rumbles up into my unit?! Hour after hour! I could Actually feel the bass in my wrist as I rested it on my mousepad! What type of floor thumper is there to address those below us?

    • Hello Susan, I’m sorry to hear that you have such downstairs neighbors. Since our ceiling vibrator is designed to revenge noisy upstairs neighbors, if you want to revenge your downstairs neighbors, you need to turn the ceiling vibrator upside down. This is a bit fiddly to install, and you may need a ladder to make sure you can place the adjustable base against the ceiling, place the vibrator on your floor, then turn on vibrate mode for the counterattack. V2 version is suitable for purchase.

  9. Hello. I have seen your videos online of the sound it makes from the apartment your tool is in.
    However, do you happen to have a video of what my neighbors upstairs would actually hear in their apartment ?
    They are SO loud (2 kids running around ALL DAY starting at 6am) that I would like to make sure the sound they would hear is loud enough to bother them the way they bother me.

  10. I’ve been waiting 3 months in order to leave an honest review: IT WORKS.

    This won’t be the final solution for your problems but the coolest thing is that you can counter your neighbor’s noise blow for blow.

    Generally they will respond the very first times but once you keep the noise consistent and play it at the right time, i assure they give up. At least this was my experience.

    Sometimes i just need the vibration mode only to get back my serenity, but if you are really pissed off the vibration+knocking mode will make those animals shut the fuck up for many hours.

    Thanks a lot. My life quality and mood got better since then

    Greets from Italy,

      • L’ho comprato perché purtroppo il codice penale mi punisce se spacco la testa a qualcuno. È da un po’ che non lo uso ma fa il suo dovere. Lo lasci impostato e te ne esci di casa…. Non è una bacchetta magica, anzi, ma se vuoi risparmiare porte, oggetti e fare a meno di urlare bestemmie, beh farà al caso tuo

  11. Hello. The vibrator can be placed laterally since the noise comes from the neighbors next door wall to wall? Is it equally effective to place it this way? Thanks.

    • Hello Jose. It may work, but it shouldn’t be used that way. It was designed to counteract the noise of the upstairs neighbors. If you need to do that, you need to find a way to secure it to the wall. But I can’t guarantee whether the results are satisfactory or not. Unless you intend to use it that way. ceiling vibrator for next door neighbors

  12. I just couldn’t take it anymore, my upstairs neighbors were driving me to insanity. I used it once and they immediately quieted! I knew they didn’t have to stomp around like elephants!!! My new arsenal… I gave so many chances but now it’s war!
    Thank you CV, finally some peace and quiet!!!

      • You’re very welcome! I initially purchased the V1 but as time passed I feel I should have spent a bit more and purchased either the V2 or V3 with an automatic sensor so that it does the job whenever there’s noise, not just when you are home. Hope this helps, if you have any other questions I’m here! Good luck!

        • A pity I’m on a vry tight budget but then still need to buy.. hope this CV can help solve my problem.. vry lousy inconsiderate upstairs pple .. hmmm. They really did it on purpose

          • That’s why I bought the first version, it also works too. My upstairs neighbors are very inconsiderate as well. It’s all about giving them a taste of their own medicine!!!

  13. I am thinking of buying one due to my upstairs neighbours being loud and aggressive. My question is will they be able to record any noise from the device which will enable them to complain, even though they are causing the issues.

    • Hi Stephen, the sound from the vibrator is the same as the regular sound, which of course can be recorded by the upstairs neighbors. So we recommend using it wisely and not turning it on 24 hours a day. Or use the noise sensing feature of v3. It will start working when it senses noise, and end working after 20s when no noise is sensed.

  14. can you develop a version that connects to the wifi so it can be operated from another location? i am sure many would be willing to pay a premium

    • Hi, your proposal is very constructive!👍 We’ll consider how to network the device and support remote control of it using cell phones. But to be honest, the new product will not be released quickly, it needs a combination of factors such as cost and market considerations. 🙂

  15. I am suffering right now want to know if ordering is legit before I catch a case- These people let their child run through the apartment constantly I work from home and its affecting my performance I have tried recording on my phone but its not catching the noise only the vibrations- I bought a recording device no luck-I am supposed to prove this is happening before management will do anything. The only thing I am close to proving is how fed up I am.

  16. Hello, interesting to read all the comments and am glad I found this site.

    First off how long does it take to one to the Uk? I need one with sensitive mode and what’s your price £?

    Here’s my problem I moved a year ago under two people who are harassing my family with stumping on purpose 24/7.

    I live in between two blocks so someone is below and the harassment comes from above.

    You won’t believe when I tell you that the very first day we were moving our properties inside she was already acting that way, I kind of found it strange but ignored it because I thought it could just be a one off.

    5 days just after we moved we found out it wasn’t a one off, it was actually there way of welcoming us imagine.

    Now it’s been a year, I haven’t slept well for a year and am literally sleeping in my living room I will explain why in a minute.

    So here’s what they do , they wait for us to fall asleep then literally start running from room to room jumping, stamping really loud from 8 to11pm in in the evening, they don’t so they are home all day..

    Once we get up they stop and once we return to sleep they are at it again.

    They also wake up around 3 am just to stamp for at least an then return to sleep then up again at 6am to wake us up!!
    It’s nightmare likeI have never experienced before, I called the police, the police spoke to them and guess what they upped their antics massively to prove a point.

    I spoke to environmental health who wrote to them , because on top of the stamping they were playing music really loud for no reason from 8pm to7am the next day no party just loud music.

    They received a letter from environmental health because we were able to record these all day all night music and they stopped playing the music at night but now started bouncing on the floor literally to get revenge because we brought authorities in..
    these are middle aged people, I have a two children 11 and 2 yrs baby who cannot sleep at all.

    The environmental health told us they won’t investigate loud stomping because it falls under “ normal everyday activity “ therefore not breaking any laws..
    I argued by asking them to at least hear it before passing judgment because it’s done purposely and they entire house is vibrating..

    But it fell on death hears they just kept on giving me the same reason over and over again even after writing 12 times, I mean this destroying my entire family,

    The police is telling us this a noise issue so there’s little they can do , the housing association tells us we have to get evidence from the environmental health and the environmental health close the case 5 times sighting they cannot investigate footsteps as it falls under normal every noise…

    After one year of writing back and forth it took lost time, am exhausted, can’t sleep and I kid you not touch my anger if you just placed your hands 30cm away from my face… and it’s not healthy….

    So I went ahead and purchase one of this things but, the vibration mode isn’t working only the knocking mode don’t why.


    First time I turned it on I could hear there was commotion upstairs like they didn’t know what’s going on but then they started stumping back like mad people for the a day…

    I kept on and on the second day I sensed it got to them a bit..

    But then something happened..
    As I said I live between floors and the sounds this thing make is pretty loud, I have neighbours from a totally different block looking towards my block wondering what’s that??
    I also have one or two neighbours asking what’s that sound in your flat?? ?

    So obviously the is irritating and other people can here it, and It’s no doubt my downstairs neighbour can here it loud because the bottom of the stick is touching my floors which is here ceiling..

    I have tried placing the bottom on a small ladder to prevent it touching the floor but I think she hears it loud and clear and every time I turn it on ,

    “ she gets out of her downstairs flat gets into her car and off she goes so it be affecting her and this is not what I bought it for “

    The upstairs neighbour has noticed my downstairs neighbour going out every time I turn it on and now only wait until my downstairs neighbour comes back from work then starts stomping running and kicking the floors so that the other neighbour can be affected…

    So evil absolutely,

    They also stump noon the morning until the downstairs neighbour leaves for work then silence total silence you won’t get to a single noise until 6pm the minute my downstairs neighbour is literally parking her car come back from work “ it’s chaos they will start hitting the floors, kicking really loud until 11pm every single no breaks in 12 months sometimes I wonder if they normal…

    When my neighbour goes on Friday for the weekend not to return until Sunday 4pm …
    Everything is absolutely quiet it’s as if nobody lives about you won’t believe..
    Then minutes she returns on Sunday all hell breaks lose.

    I moved out of my room to sleep in the living room to attract them there because I don’t won’t them to disturb my kids and wife so it’s a deliberate move so the noise is now literally in the living room because they know I sleep there they will kick and stomp right on that area..

    They have disturbed my sleep for 12 months straight and I haven’t had 6 hours of straight sleep I have terrible headaches and in 12 months I have let them sleep a full nights every night, they have no idea what it’s not to sleep for an entire year… my anxiety is through the roof with depression, am just 40 yrs and at this pace it’s not healthy..

    I have more than had it as am writing this my downstairs neighbour has just arrived and I can hear then at it.. it’s sad that people can behave this way towards other people but it’s nonetheless true.

    Am working from home now and am about to make them taste what it feels like to have sleepless nights let’s how long they can hold..I have not slept for 12 months and am now on doctors prescriptions..

    I have created a new routine from tonight where am gone to sleep by 8pm and up at 2am to wake them up from 2to6 in the morning it’s war, …..

    I have never done this but there’s no other way, the police, housing associations or environmental health all failed.

    My concerns is my downstairs neighbour, it’s always been my concern she will affected and will hate me for it because she in turn won’t sleep…

    But what can I do? Involving the authorities made it worst and they left us in this ditch…they closed the case.

    I have two kids who can’t sleep, the people who are to help us are not helping.. I have been patient 12 months no results am a ticking time bomb people won’t understand it until they go through it themselves.

    And the upstairs neighbour thinks am afraid to retaliate because she is using my downstairs neighbour as her anchor…
    She is mistaking respect for someone else’s space for fear..
    I can’t take it anymore

    That’s enough.

    Need to buy a new one with a vibrating mode that works.

    When you get anxiety just when you are going back home and the kids are looking at you saying Dad why do look sad!!!

    Then you know it’s enough…

    I have plans to move but it’s to take at least year to do that and am under the impression that the previous tenants had the same issue that’s why they moved…

    What I have not than though it at least to retaliate to my own satisfaction, the authorities told me don’t do it then dropped us leaving us worse than before….
    Am already suffering with no sleep for 12. Months.

    Maybe my neighbour downstairs should complain too that I will tell those authorities well it’s the result of not having sorted this issue in the first place.

    But am not going down this way absolutely not.

    It’s about time they found out what it feels like to loose sleep

    • I feel very bad after reading what you wrote, it brought me back to that dark period and made me feel very depressed. Your experience is similar to mine. Why do apartment managers and police officers fail to act and why are good people always disrespected!
      – If you want to buy a product with auto-sensing function, you can check all its information on this page. (https://ceilingvibrator.com/ceiling-vibrator-system-v3-version/) It takes about 1.5 weeks from the time you place your order to the time you sign for it.
      – If you want to reduce the impact on your downstairs neighbors, you can put a few books under the base or set the base up on a stool.
      – Did you previously purchase the product from somewhere else? I don’t have a record of your purchase in our system. If you have any quality problems within 15 days of receiving our products, we can give you a free replacement. That’s our commitment.
      Anyway, I hope you can find the right way for you to deal with it calmly and get rid of this depressing environment as soon as possible.

    • You should talk to your downstairs neighbor with your wife. Invite her up for coffee. Let her hear what you have been listening to. Tell her how they wait for her to come home to be even louder. Tell her your concerns. You never know, she could be of help. Maybe even joking you in complaining to both the complex and housing department. Good luck.

    • Man, god bless you, go rampage them, enough is enough, i totally feel you, especially when you talked about the kid was wondering why you re so sad. F*k it man, just make them suffer the same way, dont need to care about the downstair neighbor. At least tell her there is no other way, either everyone suffer or no one suffer.

  17. For someone to be this obsessed with disturbing other people all day and all night it’s just beyond me, plus their are loners with no friends and it’s become their life to disturb. They follow us in the house around, we can put a cup down without them doing the same a total circus.

    About time to retaliate.
    By this time they are convinced we are scared because we chose not to respond Am about to change that… I want them to have me in their minds as they prepare to return home whenever they go out

  18. 1) Are these still available now?

    2) Can this be taken down easily? For example, if apartment management needs to fix something inside my unit, is it easy to disassemble?

    • It depends on the situation. It has to do with ambient noise volume, apt structure, apt material, etc. If you want to reduce the disturbance to the neighbors downstairs, you can put a few books under the base, or place the base on a hard bench.

  19. Help please!!! I am having these problems with the people BELOW ME!!! They usually start late in the evening with stomping and slamming doors, banging things and LOUD conversations! This is unfortunate because most of us in the complex are now settled and resting for work in the a.m. It would be more tolerable if it happened during the day (annoying yes, but at least I can leave and run errands or something). I can even hear their dog running and barking. Its as if they are encouraging the poor dog to run and jump all over the place late at night. My whole unit shakes and thuds until it stops. I’m concerned the ceiling device won’t help those of us who suffer on TOP of the noise makers. Has anyone tried using this for the apartments BELOW them? Thanks

    • We provide five support rods, the total length is 250cm. Also, there is a height adjustable base, 20cm. And yes, we can ship it to Malaysia. The product description and price can be viewed in the detail section in the product page and in the cart or checkout page.

  20. is the vibration mode itself annoying enough for the upstairs? (without the knocking function). i mean, to work them at night without causing a hell to the other units.
    Or, both functions most be used together in order to be successfully annoying?
    The upstairs psychopath is intentionally harassing me with devastating banging.

    • It depends on the material of the floor slab. If it is prefabricated or wooden, vibration can work well, if it is concrete strong enough, please switch to the knocking function. In fact, the solid transmission is so efficient that we don’t recommend you leave it on all night. If you are worried about disturbing your neighbors downstairs, you can put a few books under the base or put it on a stool.

  21. Not sure if my next door neighbor has been using this on me. I fall asleep every night about 10:30pm. I wake up to something every night at the same time. 11:45, 2:45, and 5:45. Never had this problem prior to him moving in. He made a bedroom in his living room on the other side of my bedroom wall. Have had insomnia ever since. I don’t hear anything but my tinnitus starts to flare up terribly.
    Does this sound like the shock version?

    • Hi Matt, I think it’s not a ceiling vibrator. It can’t affect you without making a sound, and it can’t make a sharp sound like a ringing in the ears or something. A suggestion, you can insist on going to bed late or staying up late one night to see if a noise does wake you up, or if the waking is due to nervousness.

  22. My neighbor on the unit beside me has very loud stomping that is driving me insane, how well would this device work if I install it on the wall instead of the ceiling?

  23. Hey, how tight should the ceiling vibrator be fixated to the ceiling. I only use it on vibration mode at night but I’m not sure if my upstairs neighbour can hear/feel the vibrations when its fixated tight to the ceiling.

    • You have changed to secure it as tightly as possible to prevent it from falling during the work. Your upstairs neighbor must be able to feel the vibration, and the prolonged low frequency noise will drive him crazy and eventually compromise.

  24. I used the vibrating feature but I don’t think it was working well because I didn’t get a reaction. I turned on the knocking feature instead on its highest setting and wow it worked like crazy. They started banging back like mad people.

    The only problem is my downstairs neighbour was affected and came up to complain. She recorded the noise that it was making so I’m worried about getting in trouble. Is there a way to mitigate the sound so my downstairs neighbour does not hear it?

    • Hi Grace, vibration mode is more low-frequency gentle, is a long time torture noise, perhaps the noisy neighbors upstairs will not immediately react when you start it; while the knocking mode is a high-frequency sharp noise, it is extremely penetrating and aggressive, so a short time to see, the effect of the knocking is good, but a long time to see, perhaps the effect of vibration will be better.

      If you are worried about disturbing the neighbors downstairs, I suggest you turn down the strength level and pad it with a few books underneath, or put it and the books padded underneath on a cabinet or stool.

  25. A blessing from God this device is. Our terrible neighbors are finally moving to another building because they couldn’t handle the vibrator anymore. Finally we will have peace again. This thing helped so much.

  26. Hi, I would like to know if the device is stable enough not to fall while on. Also the differences between the three models. Thank you!

  27. I would like to know which version has the Noise Sensor function + the knocking & vibration functions. (: I need this for a psycho neighbor who stomps every single morning at 5am until almost 7am. The stomps are insane. I didn’t want to buy this because I thought it’s so extreme. I tried playing loud music and loud videos with a speaker. Nothing works, I need a device that will put him down for good. Does this actually work?

  28. If I had read this article a year ago, I might have thought the author was overly sensitive and might be dealing with some mental health challenges. However, after experiencing a similar situation throughout most of the year, where I, as a large, brown individual, constantly endured a barrage of minor noises, my perspective changed drastically. I reached a breaking point. I now understand the author’s standpoint completely. I initially tried to tolerate it and empathized with others’ lives, but regrettably, nobody reciprocated that concern for my well-being.

    At present, I’m grappling with hearing loss, and medical professionals have warned that if this continues, the damage could be permanent. I find myself in a situation with no apparent solution, but I’m determined to stand up for myself. I eagerly anticipate the delivery of v4, which I assume is a reference to a potential resolution or aid.

    • Hello James. My story is so similar to your. I just ordered the v4 and waiting for it.
      If you want share experience, I’ll be glad. Thank you

  29. Would the ceiling vibrator work on downstairs neighbors as well ??
    Have tried everything (seriously, everything) to get the loud tv, music, running, banging, and jumping to stop and have had no success. They just don’t care.

    • Hello,

      I am interested in this ceiling vibrator
      Can you please tell me do you deliver in Sweden, can it be connect to Europe power supply 220V
      And what is price for it


  30. Ever since I bought the v4, I’ve been fighting back against my upstairs neighbors day and night. Non-stop decorating sounds from 8-12 during the day, Vietnamese drums from 12-14, and the sound of dragging and yanking seats at night in four time slots at hourly intervals. During this time the upstairs neighbors came down to my door and put their ears to the door to listen to my apartment. No further action was taken as my door is equipped with surveillance. Today they got the property manager to come to my door and communicate with me, the response I gave was that if in the future I no longer hear any noticeable noise after 10pm I will stop the counterattacks, otherwise I will not stop.

    Currently there is no more noise coming from upstairs and it is quiet and feels like no one lives upstairs.

    It’s really a case of people being nice to people. Sisters who already have noise sensitivities and emotional problems, be sure to let it out, it’s really a lot easier and not suffocating.

    • Hello Elizabeth thanks for sharing, I also just ordered the v4 in hope that will be effective. Can you recommend me where to find those sounds ? Thank you

    • Yes, the V4 effectively penetrates sound through concrete floors by resonating. The resonating sound from the V4 is far more powerful than the sounds made by stomping feet upstairs, dropping things, or arguing.

      • Hi,
        I’m thinking on getting a CV but I have some doubts considering I’m currently using a 150W subwoofer attached to the ceiling for “educating” my upstairs neighbors with low frequency sound to send vibration back. I’m not sure if replacing it with a CV would be a meaningful difference to make it worth the purchase. It’s a concrete structure. I had confirmation I’m reaching to their apartment with the sub. What can you tell me? Is CV way more powerfull than that? Would it make a difference and why? Thank you! Greetings from Spain.

  31. Hi,
    I’m interested in purchasing a CV but I have doubts because I’m currently using a 150W subwoofer attached to my ceiling reproducing low frequency sounds to send vibrations back upstairs. I don’t know if replacing it with a CV will be such a difference making it worth the purchase. The building structure is made of concrete and I had confirmation by their reactions that I’m reaching upstairs apartment with the sub. Will a Ceiling Vibrator be a solid upgrade from the sub and why? Thank you.

  32. I’m really annoyed with the kids upstairs jumping around and running back and forth. It used to be quiet when the elderly folks lived upstairs, but now a young couple with two kids has moved in. They often have noisy dinner gatherings in the evening, and right now, they’re still chatting loudly. The kids are running around in the direction of my bedroom, and I still haven’t been able to fall asleep. They moved in right after finishing their renovation, and I had to approach them multiple times about issues like water leakage during their renovation. I don’t even want to talk to them anymore because we frequently run into each other, and I’m not sure how to address this problem with their noise.

    • I had the exact same issues. They flooded my apartment below them, the kids run back and forth and jump off their sofas and beds and slam doors all day.

      Noise pollution gave them 3 noise abatement warnings but they won’t do any more as they have children.

      I bought the ceiling thumper and things got slightly quieter but I decided to move in the end. It’s the only solution.

  33. My upstairs neighbor’s dog goes on a barking marathon for hours while he’s out working. Tried talking to him about it, but he basically told me to buzz off and slammed the door. The landlord’s no help, just said to use earplugs. Called the police, but they shrugged it off, leaving me stuck with this noisy mess. I really need this one.

    • That would be an interesting case. I’m experiencing a similar situation with dogs barking for a few minutes everyday at 5:30 in the morning while I’m sleeping, when the owner leaves the house.
      I’m tired of earplug, and I’m really interested in test the v4.
      Let us know if you find results.

  34. Wish you could create a device to test the air for neighbors who annoy you with all sorts of smoking/vaping? They are literally slowly killing me as it seems into all the walls thru the ceiling etc.

  35. I wish I could purchase this device. I rent a basement apartment and pay 1/2 the mortgage (or more!) and have the same thing you just described in this article but have ZERO rights. It’s the same thing, major depression and anxiety. I’m glad your story worked out!

  36. Wow, after 5 (!) years with dealing with the noisy neighbours and kosina my mind after trying everything I feel relief that somebody can feel my pain. And I’m glad that there is a solution to this problem.

    My question is – since it’s a vibrating device, is it safe for the ceiling? It won’t cause any damage?

    • Yes, it won’t cause any damage to the ceiling. The vibrations and knocking(tapping) of both v2 and v3 are directed towards their shells, rather than directly onto the ceiling. As for v4, it has a plastic pad where it contacts the ceiling. None of them pose a threat to the ceiling or the building structure.

  37. I went out for dinner, leaving v4 up on the ceiling blasting my favorite rock tunes. And let me tell you, in just half an hour, it totally flipped the script!

  38. Does anyone managed to soundproof this ceiling vibrator for yourself? I mean I’d like it to be loud for neighbours but less loud for myself. I read the comment somewhere that someone made something like a soundproof box but I don’t know how to do it. Please, help!


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