Loud Walking Upstairs Neighbor What To Do [7th Is A Killer]

Are you currently in this predicament: after a hard day’s work, you come home and think you can rest, but your upstairs neighbors walk like elephants. They always make walking noise, which makes you uncomfortable.

  • The sound of an old man’s cane hitting the floor
  • The sound of a woman walking in high heels
  • The sound of a man walking in leather shoes
  • The sound of young people having a party and jumping around
  • The sound of children stomping
  • The sound of heavy objects falling
  • Your upstairs neighbor walks like elephants

So, loud walking upstairs neighbor what to do?

In this article, I will take you to know how the upstairs neighbor’s loud footsteps are generated, and what we should do if the loud footsteps make you crazy.

Let’s get started.

Why You Can Hear The Sound Of An Upstairs Neighbor Walking Clearly?

First, let’s take a look at the reasons why sometimes the upstairs neighbors walk normally and do not stomp the floor, but the downstairs can hear very clearly.

1. The Floor Is Too Thin

It can not be isolated the sound of the upstairs neighbor’s loud footsteps completely. And the upstairs neighbors walking sound through the surrounding wall resonance conduction. 

So you can hear every step your upstairs neighbor takes but the upstairs neighbors didn’t notice.

loud walking upstairs neighbor what to do-floor is too thin

2. No Sound Insulation Layer

The upstairs neighbors did not add a sound insulation layer when laying the floor, resulting in a solid rigid connection between the wooden floor and the floor. 

The keel in the middle became a sound bridge structure, which in turn weakened the sound insulation of the floor.

3. Sound Bridge

The connection between two layers in a double-layer or multi-layer sound insulation structure, sound waves can be transmitted between two or more layers through vibration.

If there is no sound insulation material, the impact sound on the wooden floor upstairs will be transmitted downstairs through the vibration of the sound bridge, and the sound insulation effect of the floor becomes poor.

4. Frame Structure

Most new buildings use frame structure, that is, the main load-bearing structure is the building structure of columns and beams, which is different from the previous brick and mortar structure in which the load-bearing structure is the wall of the old house.

The frame structure of the house, lightweight, rigid strength, can be built high-rise, and high seismic level, easy to assemble the integral structure to shorten the construction period.

In frame structure, adding shear wall structure can make the space use more flexible and meet the demand of different functions of the house.

The disadvantages are lighter walls, thinner and more flexible floor slabs, high strength of rigid connections between floors, and poor sound insulation.


These are the reasons why you can hear your upstairs neighbor’s loud footsteps very clearly in your apartment.

And, because ceiling noise is so different from the noise outside your window, even if you install soundproofing equipment in your home, it still won’t have a good effect.

So, what should we do? We can’t live forever with the endless noise of our upstairs neighbors’ loud walking.

What To Do When Loud Walking Upstairs Neighbor?

1. Patience

If you can hear the sound of a loud walking upstairs neighbor occasionally, I suggest you put up with it. Because there are times when everyone’s family has something to do, in case it’s a rare gathering of friends, don’t spoil their fun. (Is it good to have a neighbor like me?)

If it indeed bothers you, listen to your favorite music is also a good way to soundproof.

2. Direct communication

If you can often hear the sound of your upstairs neighbor’s loud walking, there are several situations that we should also consider before acting.

1) Babies crying, or babies crawling on the floor, I suggest you put up with it. Generally speaking, babies make loud noises that are not particularly frequent and violent. In a few months, he will grow up.

2) Renovation: There is no excuse for renovation during normal working hours, but for non-renovation time, please call the property manager directly and ask him to come out immediately to solve the noise problem.

3) If your upstairs neighbors are still walking particularly loudly after nearly 10:30 p.m., you can go straight upstairs and knock on their door and put your request on the table.

4) If you are shy, I suggest you write what you want to say on post-it notes and tape the post-it notes on their doors where they will see them.

3. Formal Communication

If you have completed direct communication, but the loud footsteps upstairs do not stop or diminish, then formal communication is needed at this time.

1) The time does not have to be too late, choose the time when all the other upstairs households are at home as far as possible.

2) Do not show anger first. I especially make sense of the kind of frantic mood when disturbed by noise.

Sometimes I think the upstairs neighbor should be intentional, and the more I think about it, the angrier I get. When I communicate, it’s likely to have emotions first without expressing the focus.

3) Throw Out A Reason That Cannot Be Rejected On A Moral Level

Upstairs neighbors should not make too much noise affecting the downstairs residents.

But you ask the upstairs neighbors not to do so is best to give a reason, true or not true does not matter, give a reason easier to reach an agreement.

For example, there are elderly people in the family, children who need to rest early, or you have heart disease.

Formal communication is really necessary. Maybe the upstairs neighbors are just making these noises unintentionally and they are not intentionally trying to affect anyone.

4. Contact Property

Although we have the best intentions for others, we cannot rule out the possibility that some people are just not reasonable.

If formal communication does not work, then you can contact the property company of the apartment. The property manager has an obligation to maintain a low-noise apartment and will go to mediate it.

However, property companies are not law enforcement agencies and are generally just persuasive, with no guarantee that they can actually take you out of the situation.

5. Call The Police

If you really have no choice but to call the police. 

In fact, even if the police came, if the conflict between you and your upstairs neighbor did not escalate, the police can only go to mediation with the same property manager, and can not take coercive measures, even if you have recorded evidence.

6. Add Sound Insulation

Some friends say it is possible to add some sound insulation.

Some apartments have really bad soundproofing, a little noise can be heard clearly, and you can’t blame the upstairs neighbors entirely.

You can try to add some soundproofing facilities. 

But as far as I know, it doesn’t work well for the upstairs neighbors who walk like elephants.

There is one thing to note at this time, if you still try to listen to the sound of their walk. Then this means that you have been tortured to a nervous breakdown. Soundproofing does not completely eliminate the noise, it does not work for you, you need a more powerful weapon.

7. [Sunday Punch] Use Ceiling Vibrators For Revenge

If you’ve read here and feel that all of the above still doesn’t solve your problem, then I’m sorry to say – you do have a very bad neighbor, the worst ever!

Well, you, like me, need a weapon, a powerful weapon, one that can give a powerful counterattack when walking loudly upstairs, and I suggest you buy a ceiling vibrator.

You don’t have to turn it on all the time, just turn it on when you think your loud walking upstairs neighbors are interfering with your normal life and give a counterattack, that’s all.

Long-term noise disturbance is great harm to the body and emotions, we are good citizens who obey the law, but will not hold back. When it’s time for revenge, you must take revenge!


Well, after all this writing, I need you to be clear.

  • Why your upstairs neighbor walks like an elephant?
  • Why you can hear every step the upstairs neighbor takes?
  • What you can do when your upstairs neighbor walks loudly?
  • Be courteous before you do anything.
  • Don’t hold back, take revenge, give them a counterattack!

Finally, I hope you can solve this problem through communication without having to use a ceiling vibrator. Hope you have a peaceful life as soon as possible.

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