How To Annoy Upstairs Neighbors Legally?

After trying every nice and subtle method to calm them down, I finally decided to use this “ceiling vibrator,” aka “ceiling thumper”, and trust me, since then, my life has been heavenly quiet.  

So look no more for ways to annoy upstairs neighbors and consider yourself rescued from all that torture as I have penned down every practical and legal way you can get revenge on loud neighbors.

Noisy Upstairs Neighbors Revenge – 11 legal ways to annoy your neighbors!

It’s time to get back on them for all the nights they have ruined your sleep, for all the times they have distracted you from work, and for all the times they have ignored your warnings!

Rest assured, the below-listed notorious ways to get revenge on loud neighbors will not get you in any legal trouble.

1. Install a Ceiling Vibrator

Using a ceiling vibrator has to be my favorite revenge trick on noisy upstairs neighbors. It requires some initial investment, but if that’s the cost you have to pay to get your peace of mind and space back, I’d say, don’t hold back!

This device against noisy neighbors comes with a support rod, a long cord that powers the motor inside it, a remote to control the frequency levels and switch between modes (knocking and vibrating), and a power adapter.

All you have to do is to measure the distance between your ceiling and floor, adjust the support rod accordingly, assemble the rest of the vibrator counterparts, ensure that your ceiling vibrator system is vertical (if not, you’ll have to tune it accordingly), connect the power and enjoy!

These vibrations will be felt by your upstairs neighbors and will force them to realize how annoying they are. But if they are as stubborn as mine were, increasing the frequency or turning the knocking mode on will send a more explicit warning, forcing them to cool it down.

If you are worried about complaints from your neighbors about overusing it, you can choose the Ceiling Vibrator V3 version. It has a noise sensor and can work only when your upstairs neighbors make noise. When the upstairs neighbors stop the noise, the vibrator will also stop working.

2. Knock at odd times

Knock at odd times

Just like they don’t care about your sleep or work, it’s time that you give them a taste of their own medicine. And knocking on their door at an odd time would do that job.

Now there are two ways you can do this.

First, knock it or hit it with some rock/pebble wrapped in a cloth (so that it doesn’t result in any solid damage) and hide. That way, they’ll have to get up from their deep sleep just to find no one at the door.

Second, ring their bell either super early in the morning or way late in the evening and ask for something genuinely without letting them have the slightest idea that you’re just messing around.

Or you can do both at alternate times if you really want to get on their nerves.

3. Put on loud music


I never used to listen to music loud on speakers to avoid annoying my upstairs neighbors until they started doing the same to me. So, after being patient for quite a long, I decided to pull my reverse UNO card.

What I did was, make my speakers face the roof and turn on the most annoying music with the highest volume possible every time they started making noise. And it worked wonders!

Every time I did this, they immediately realized I was retaliating, so they’d quiet it down a bit, and it would work for at least a while.

But then again, when that dose wore off, they’d get back to their old habits. However, if you have comparatively nicer neighbors than me, I hope they’d learn the lesson the first time.

PS: don’t forget to put ear protection on before you do this.

4. Make Prank Calls

Make Prank Calls

Some you know knows your noisy neighbor? What a win-win!

Get their number, call them at an odd time, and tell them out of nowhere that they are being observed for the kind of indecent behavior they exhibit, and soon the consequences will hit them.

Not that they’ll take it seriously right away, but that would at least put them in a state of confusion for that moment, which might result in a brief break from that torture.

5. Subscribe to a Naughty Magazine

Naughty Magazine

This one can cause your noisy neighbor real trouble, especially if they have a family. All you’ll have to do is subscribe to a naughty magazine with their name and house address.

So, when it reaches their doorstep, havoc will be brought, and they’ll be too occupied with justifying they didn’t do it that not even the slightest idea will touch their mind that you could’ve done it.

But what if they live alone? And don’t have a family? This trick would become null and void. No worries, however, as I have an idea for that too.

You can still subscribe to a naughty magazine with their name but with a different address – their next-door neighbor’s address! (I know how evil this sounds but trust me, living with noisy upstairs neighbors makes you think of ideas like that 😈😈😈)

This way, when their neighbor receives that magazine, they’ll not only be thinking about what kind of a person they are but also how stupid of them not to fill up the correct delivery details. And, they might confront them about that and avenge you unknowingly.

6. Play tennis against your roof

Play tennis against your roof

Get yourself a pair of solid racquets if the ceiling vibrator is not an option for you, and start playing against the roof at odd times or whenever they start to make noise. This could either bring about a realization in them or push them to confront you. And both the situations will be in your favor.

If they confront you, tell them you’re practicing for your upcoming competition. And if they insist on trying to stop you from doing that, tell them to stop first.

7. Banging on ceiling with broom

Banging on ceiling with broom

Did not like the idea of playing tennis against the roof much? Here’s an alternative – use a broom. This would require minimum effort as all you’ll have to do is sit on your couch and keep hitting the ceiling with the broomstick.

8. Annoy them with Low-frequency noise

Using low-frequency noise to annoy your neighbors can be a clever trick. For executing it successfully, select the music you know would annoy anyone even without being set to a lower frequency. Then, download any frequency generator app to get full control. And start playing the selected songs using it.

These sounds waves will be far more penetrable and irritable than regular loud music, which is sure to piss your noisy neighbors off, forcing them to realize what pain they have been causing.

9. Use your dad’s power tools

noisy electric drills at midnight

Bring your dad’s power tools to use and start running his noisy electric drills at midnight when your neighbors are most likely to fall asleep after they have ruined your peace. To make it sound more realistic, you can even start drilling real holes in wooden scrapes.

That noise would indeed have them thinking that what in the world are you trying to fix at that hour of the night and resultantly infuriate them.

10. Petroleum jelly for the win!

Jamming your neighbor’s door lock

Jamming your neighbor’s door lock with superglue would be just too much, so here’s what you can do instead – applying petroleum jelly to it when you’re sure they have gone out.

So that on getting back, they are not just pissed off with getting that slimy gel all over their hands but also face difficulty in opening the door.

However, beware, if your neighbors are smart, their door lock might even have a tiny camera, which can easily get you in trouble. Also, please don’t go too overboard with smearing their doorknob that it jams their lock and causes substantial damage. Because, if they find out, you’ll have to pay for repairs.

11. Record and Confront

put the front of the phone with the recording function close to the ceiling and record

How To Record Upstairs Neighbor Stomping?

If nothing else works, the last option would be to confront them with proof. For this, it is best to use a recording device with a wide range and a built-in dynamic microphone. It would allow you to precisely record all the noise they annoy you with.

Once done with that, you can knock at their door and confront them with the recording you have. BUT! It’s crucial that you stay calm while doing so and talk in a friendly manner no matter how pissed off you feel.

Also, do not over-explain your complaint; one mention would be enough for starters. And lastly, do not rush to confront your neighbor at an odd hour just because they’re being noisy at that time. Wait for them to get quiet and visit them at a reasonable time, preferably between 9 am to 7 pm.

How to block out noise from upstairs neighbors?

If you’re not interested in getting mischievous to make your neighbors quieter, feel free to try out the below-listed ways to block out their noise.

Ceiling clouds

Ceiling clouds are basically panels made from acoustic material that hang horizontally from the roof. These panels work efficiently to reduce noise and reverberation and thus can help you heaps in combating the disturbance caused by your noisy neighbor.

However, before you move forward with installing them, make sure your landlord has approved of the idea. And if, for any reason, he doesn’t, you can opt for acoustic light fixtures that are also known for canceling ambient noise.

White Noise

It is the type of noise that generates multiple frequencies with the same intensity at once and helps cancel the effect of all other sound waves. So, listening to white noise can give you a break from the frustrating upstairs neighbor noise. It may also help you have a sound sleep, stay focused, and improve concentration.

How to deal with noisy apartment neighbors?

If you have tried every legal way of trying to get back at them and all in vain, it’s time for you to take some serious action and involve your landlord or cops.

Your landlord can play the role of mediator and help heaps in making them quieter. But if that doesn’t work either, let the police handle it from there. (Especially if your neighbors are difficult to talk with and always ready to get into a fistfight.)

Although confronting them this way won’t make you two friends, all we want is for them to become quieter and cooperative, and if it serves that purpose, you will at least have your peaceful nights back.

Self Evaluation is Mandatory

Dealing with noisy upstairs neighbors ain’t easy, but you gotta ask yourself this question, too, “am I a good neighbor?”

By good neighbor, I mean, make sure you don’t do anything annoying like them. If you’re sure you do not run your lawnmower early in the morning, you do not make smoothies at odd hours; you do not leave your mess in the front yard, etc., only then you’ll be in the position to get back at them or confront them.

Otherwise, it would be more sensible to mend yourself first and then think of getting revenge on noisy neighbors.


You’re enjoying living in your quiet and peaceful apartment, and out of nowhere, a fiddle-footed family moves into your upper story; you can no more sleep without being disturbed or work without being distracted; I know how infuriating that can be.

But, you can’t let your anger and frustration take over because that would only make things worse and might even get you in trouble with authorities – the reason why I have described every possible, fun, harmless, and legal way you can get back on your noisy upstairs neighbor.

I hope this article makes it easier for you to deal with them without being driven crazy like this!

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