10 Clear Signs Your Neighbors Don’t Like You

You live in a large apartment building, and even if you don’t go out except for work, you go in and out of your apartment twice a weekday. Inevitably, then, you will run into your upstairs, downstairs, or next-door neighbors, especially some you have never met. However, the strange thing is that you can always … Read more

How To Stop A Door From Slammin?

One of the most disturbing ways my neighbors used to annoy me with was by hardly slamming their doors shut. It felt like slamming doors was their mode of communication. However, it has gotten better since the day I talked to them about it and told them that it really bothers me and disrupts my … Read more

How To Reduce Noise From Upstairs Neighbors?

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How To Annoy Upstairs Neighbors Legally?

After trying every nice and subtle method to calm them down, I finally decided to use this “ceiling vibrator,” aka “ceiling thumper”, and trust me, since then, my life has been heavenly quiet.   So look no more for ways to annoy upstairs neighbors and consider yourself rescued from all that torture as I have … Read more

What Is Considered Normal Apartment Noise?

How much noise is too much in an apartment? Honestly, you can’t define exactly what is considered normal apartment noise. Whether or not noise is normal depends on your neighbors, when the sound or noise is generated, the object making the noise, and where you are located. In fact, you can hear a variety of … Read more

How To Record Upstairs Neighbor Stomping?

Hey, do you have a loud noisy upstairs neighbor, the upstairs neighbor keeps stomping all day. The sound of children running back and forth across the floor in their bare feet. The sound of a woman walking back and forth in high heels. And the sound of a man wearing leather shoes with heels striking … Read more