How To Stop A Door From Slammin?

One of the most disturbing ways my neighbors used to annoy me with was by hardly slamming their doors shut. It felt like slamming doors was their mode of communication. However, it has gotten better since the day I talked to them about it and told them that it really bothers me and disrupts my peace.

Thankfully, they were kind enough to listen and implement the tips I gave them on how to stop a door from slamming.

If you, too, are struggling with the same problem, this article will be your ultimate guide to dealing with the situation mindfully.

How To Stop A Door From Slamming – 8 Stop Slamming Doors Device

Start with explaining to them nicely that they need to pay attention to their doors slamming all the time. If you rush into confronting them about it rudely and telling them how annoying neighbors they are, it will cause nothing but more damage.

There could be several reasons why you hear their doors slam shut all the time. For starters, it could be worn or improperly mounted hinges, the presence of mischievous kids that keep playing hide n seek around the house, and so on.

This means that they might not be fully aware of the constant pain they’re causing you. And, be just as annoyed by slamming doors as you are.

So, by giving them a few practical tips (as enlisted below) on preventing door slamming, you’ll do more good to them than yourself.

(Or, if it’s your roommate causing the trouble, you can try these tips for yourself as well.)

1. Checking The Hinges

door hings

Before investing in any anti-slam door devices, check the hinges.

Open the door and have a close look at them. If you see even a slight imbalance, grab a screwdriver, separate the hinge from the door, and reattach it while keeping it on the same level as the door. You can also use a leveling device to ensure precision.

However, repairing hinges may not work for everyone, especially if they have been installed for too long. To deal with this, I’d recommend you to start with replacing them, one at a time.

The tools needed for this task will be a handheld screwdriver and new anchor screws (because, along with the hinges, the high chances are that old your old screws might be worn out too).

2. Installing An Automatic Door Closer

Automatic Door Closer

The second practical and long-term solution for slamming doors that you can propose to your roommate or neighbor is installing an automatic door closer.

It can work wonders, particularly if they have a bad temperament and always use door slamming as the ultimate way to express their frustration and anger.

Although this one is a bit expensive option, rest assured that its results will also be second to none. As you’ll no longer have to suffer from abrupt sleep disturbances or bear embarrassment during work calls.

My recommendation: Opt for a steel or aluminum door closer since they tend to last longer than others.

Lastly, please make sure you read the manual carefully before installation and precisely follow them as well. And if you’re unsure, it would be best to ask for an expert’s help.

3. Trying Felt Pads


Although felt pads are mainly used to make your wood floors last longer by placing them under the furniture you usually drag around, you can also attach them to the edges of your door frame to prevent disturbingly loud sounds produced by slamming doors.

This method may not help you dampen the noise entirely but would still help heaps in lowering the chances of you waking up abruptly from your sleep.

You can get these self-adhesive pads (pack of 44 – 169 pcs) from Amazon for no more than $10. And, since these pads are re-useable (as long as they remain sticky), you’ll not have to make a purchase every other day.

All in all, this could prove to be an effective yet cheap method to prevent loud and sudden door slamming.

4. Using Anti Slam Door Stopper


This is yet another cheap and “worth giving a shot option” to stop doors from slamming. You can even make yourself one if you’re more of a DIY person.

All you’ll have to do is get a wedge-shaped material that wouldn’t slip away easily, such as rubber. Once you have that done, try using it as a stopper by sliding the sloppy side under your door while making sure it fits perfectly. Because if it doesn’t, all your effort will go in vain when the air pressure causes the door to swing.

Another option could be buying one directly from Amazon.

5. Applying Weather Stripping


If you want a more durable option than using felt pads for cushioning, applying a weather strip to the door frame might be your best bet. It is because felt pads do not stay on for long if your doors are heavy and have a more significant impact when slammed.

Moreover, applying a weatherstrip is not an uphill task. All you need to do is clean your door frame so that there’s no grease or debris left. Once done with that, go ahead with sticking it along the length of the door frame and finish the process by giving a firm press.

This cushion would not only help prevent the door from slamming shut hardly even when strong force is applied but also soundproof your room to some extent.

You can get one for as low as $8 on Amazon.

6. Using A Pinch Guard

Pinch Guard

If you have kids in your house, look no more for a different solution to prevent doors from slamming, and consider a pinch guard as the ultimate lifesaver!

When installed on the top corner of a door, these foamy cushions act as a barrier between the door and its frame so that if someone slams it shut, they don’t produce a loud scaring sound, disturbing enough to disrupt your sleep.

The reason why they make a perfect option for anyone with kids in their house is that, unlike felt pads and weather strippings that are really thin, these are relatively much thicker and maintain a visible gap when closed with force. So that, if by any chance your toddler closes the door with his fingers in the way, he won’t get hurt.

However, with this perk, you do lose the benefit of soundproofing that comes with other cushioning methods.

7. Installing A Door Silencer

Door Silencer

Whether it’s the rattling sounds of the closing doors that you find bothersome or abrupt banging noises, a door silencer can rescue you from the nuisance.

It is yet another anti-slam device on my list that serves the purpose by functioning as a shock absorber. However, unlike other foamy options that I have mentioned above, this one is comparatively more sturdy.

These are made of heavy-duty rubber and are affixed to the door frame by drilling a cavity into its stop strip. The cone side of the silencer fits inside that cavity while the flat surface stays a little raised from the stop strip.

This way, when a door is forcefully shut, all that force is absorbed by the silencer; resultantly, it goes virtually silent.

8. Adding A Rubber Band

Rubber Band

If you’re not interested in spending even a dime to prevent your door from slamming, simply grab a rubber band and wrap it around your door’s handle. This would make the most simple and affordable option to keep your door from hitting the frame.

How To Keep The Screen Door From Slamming?

If you’re wondering that the above-mentioned ways to prevent door slamming would only work for wooden doors, let me elaborate that these methods work equally effectively for all kinds of doors.

So whether it is your screen door that keeps slamming shut or a wooden one, opting for any of the above methods to prevent this undesired happening would undoubtedly serve the purpose.


Door slamming being the signature move to give someone a clear sign that you’re being mad at them or had a rough day is an everyday annoying thing to deal with if you’re a relatively calm person.

It can be extra infuriating if you just had a baby who already gives you a hard time sleeping, and your neighbor’s annoying habit of slamming doors keeps waking both of you up.

However, understanding that they might not be doing it intentionally is also essential. Therefore, make a move to bring your peace back by proposing to them the above-discussed ways of preventing door slamming. While doing so, make sure you stay calm and considerate.

BUT, if you’re sure that they are doing it knowingly out of their angry and violent nature, maybe talking to them would not make an effective solution. For such neighbors, you can convey your message using a well-written note.

In a nutshell, whether it is your own door slamming or your neighbor’s, I hope this article helps you cope with it thoughtfully.

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