Can I Break A Lease Due To Noisy Neighbors?

Let me guess, you’re living in an apartment, and your neighbor who lacks any sense of decorum, is constantly making noise day and night. This not only prevents you from sleeping at night but also keeps you on edge during the day. You even dread returning to your apartment, fearing the unpredictable loud noises or the endless stomping that might occur at any moment. Is this you?

Since your lease hasn’t expired yet, you can’t just move out of your current apartment; otherwise, it would be considered a breach of contract, and you would be held liable for breach of contract. You’re constantly wondering, “Can I break a lease due to noisy neighbors?”

In theory, it’s possible, but in practice, you’ll encounter numerous difficulties. Let me carefully analyze this issue for you.

Check Your Rental Agreement

Firstly, you need to check if your rental agreement specifies that the landlord or the apartment management has an obligation to maintain a quiet living environment and has stipulated in writing that a noisy neighbor is one of the reasons for terminating the rental contract. 

However, to my knowledge, 90%+ of apartment rental contracts do not include this, as landlords and apartment managers are not philanthropists, they won’t voluntarily add this clause. 

If you had proposed this clause before signing the contract, they would most likely not rent the apartment to you and would look for the next tenant. 

If you’re very fortunate and your rental agreement includes such a provision, then please take the contract directly to the landlord or the apartment management and request the immediate termination of the lease.

Then, do you think that taking a contract that specifies noise neighbors as a reason for termination to the landlord or apartment management will be smooth? 

No, it’s not that simple. 

Everyone has different sensitivities and tolerances to noise. What you consider to be nerve-wracking neighbor noise might not even be considered as noise by the landlord and apartment management. 

At most, it’s seen as normal living noise that doesn’t affect daily life. In such cases, this clause will not take effect.

Alright, we’re back to the original question, “Can I break a lease due to noisy neighbors?” Is there really no way for tenants to stand up for themselves and just be at the mercy of others?

Not entirely.

Negotiate With The Landlord Or Apartment Management

You can negotiate with the landlord or apartment management, and if that doesn’t work, you can report to the police. These actions require a lot of effort and time, but often the police don’t want to get involved in such matters, and it might still not be resolved.

At this point, you might be exhausted.

Using A Ceiling Vibrator

If you’ve tried negotiating and reporting to the police and still can’t resolve the issue completely, there’s no other way but to start fighting back. 

Install a ceiling vibrator at home and turn it on when your noisy neighbor makes noise to retaliate, using the same method they use against you. 

Its penetrating power is very strong. It can transmit the dull stomping sound almost losslessly to the other side of the concrete ceiling and can also play the sound of water in the pipes as a prank during the quiet of the night, leaving the noisy neighbors wondering where the noise is coming from and letting them experience the feeling of being battered by noise.

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In Summary

Whether you can break a lease due to noisy neighbors depends on whether your signed rental agreement includes this clause. 

If it does, theoretically, you can approach the landlord or apartment management to request the immediate termination of the lease. If it doesn’t, you can still negotiate, but achieving your goal will likely be very difficult. 

If negotiation and reporting to the police have been tried and still can’t free you from the sea of noise, then you have to arm yourself and use a ceiling vibrator to fight back, letting the noisy neighbors also taste the flavor of noise.

Finally, I wish everyone a peaceful living environment as soon as possible.

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